Coaching and Psychedelic Integration

Hello I'm Patrick.

I think of myself as an explorer of consciousness through meditation, breath, psychedelics, and creativity. A lifetime of experimentation, learning, healing, and adventure has led me to understand everyone has the power to create the life they want.

Integrating expanded states, connecting with our purpose, and grounding all that meaning into action is what I’m here for.

The foundation of my coaching process is in curiosity and rooting out blockages. No dream is too big and no topic taboo. We go wherever inspiration takes us seeking a deeper understanding of you, your goals, dreams, and how to embody a pathway to fulfilment.

In coaching sessions I draw upon my training in conscious communication, mindfulness, breathwork, somatic awareness, and trauma. My own journey has been through depression, anxiety, and addiction.

We cannot take people deeper than we have gone ourselves and my role is to help you see both shadow and potential, while integrating all aspects of ourselves into a life we are proud to be living.