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Hi there, my name is Patrick. I’m a Canadian freelance writer living in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

My written work is centered around psychedelics, but I have also covered breathwork, mindfulness, health, circling, and men's work. My work is informed by personal experience,  emerging scientific research, and conversations with experts.

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Psychedelic Writing Portfolio

Psychedelics have been a catalyst for significant changes in my life several times. My passion is exploring why and sharing what I learn with others.

Here is a selection psychedelic focused content highlighting different topics, styles, publications, SEO ranking, or pieces I enjoyed creating.

How Interdisciplinary Research Could Reveal Psychedelics’ Blind Spots
Dr. Roseman and co-editors Michael Winkelman, Katrin Preller, and Evgenia Fotiou compiled studies to stimulate conversation around “psychedelic sociality.” The topic has been discussed in psychedelic anthropology, but less so in neuroscience and therapy circles
Music & Psychedelics: Past, Present, and Future
Music and psychedelics have a long history and are powerful therapies in themselves — but when combined, their effects can stack for impressive outcomes.
A Look at Web3 and Psychedelic IP
As companies move themselves toward potential commercialization of psychedelic medicines, a great deal of speculation and attention is being placed on intellectual property (IP) and the future of Web3.
How Many Shrooms Should A Beginner Take?
We advise beginners to take one to two grams of magic mushrooms. Start small and build your way up to higher dosages and stronger experiences.
A History of DMT
From ancient civilizations to modern science, this is the story of one of the most powerful psychedelics.
A Guide To Psychedelic Integration
Psychedelic integration is the most important part of your journey. From writing to meditating to dancing, we break it down for you.
How to Store LSD (A Full Guide)
LSD is a delicate compound that requires care. When LSD is not correctly stored, its potency lowers, making dosing tricky. Learn more!
Did Steve Jobs Use LSD for Creativity?
Did LSD play a role in the creation of the iPhone or the Mac? How did LSD affect Steve Jobs’ creative process? Read on!
How Long Does It Take To Grow Magic Mushrooms
“How long does it take to grow magic mushrooms”? the most common question that newbies have when embarking on the passion project.
The Pros and Cons of Microdosing - Frshminds
Understanding the pros and cons of microdosing is vital in the face of the microdosing rush. Learn to separate fact from fiction.
Magic Mushrooms and Nature Heal You and the Planet
Scientific study is proving what psychonauts have known for a while: mixing magic mushrooms and nature heals you and the earth.